At Divine Embodiment we provide small batch, luxurious, plant-derived ritual oils that moisturize and protect even the driest desert skin. Our intentionally crafted oils are an invitation to deepen the connection to our bodies, our plant teachers, and the boundless beauty and wisdom within us all.

Prayerfully Poured in Sedona, Arizona


New Body Oil!

Self Honor

Self Honor Body Oil


Anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenating body oil for deep moisture with Frankincense & Orange Blossom


Embody your Highest Potential

Treat yourself with Self Honor, a glorious combination of organic, golden jojoba oil grown in Southern Arizona and six different organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Give yourself the gift of glowing, healthy, nourished skin by applying this magical, ritual body oil. Prayerfully hand poured in Sedona, Arizona.



Hi! I am Vivian, owner and creator of all things Divine Embodiment! I started Divine Embodiment as a means of sharing the self love ritual of applying body oils with presence and reverence with my community. In the past, I have struggled with body image and owning my womanness. By taking care of my skin, getting in touch with my body through self massage, and connecting to plants I acquired a deeper understanding and acceptance of what it is to be human.  I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where I realized the importance of hydrating and moisturizing my skin in order to thrive in the dry desert climate. I learned through experience what set some oils above the rest. I choose to create oil blends using only the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils, made of nothing but plants. I believe that everyone deserves beautiful, natural skincare that nourishes their being on every level. My vision is that these oils empower people to connect to their magnificent, divine, sensual nature so that they may embody their highest potential.
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Prayerfully Poured in Sedona, Arizona

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