Embody your Divinity

Our oils promote health and well being on every level 

Allowing the sacred intelligence of plants to heal our mind body and spirit. 


Our mission is to provide intentionally crafted, lovingly charged oils that allow people to anchor in connection to Self, connection to Mother Earth, and connection to our wild, sensual, creative nature as humans.


Our vision is that one day every human being has the tools to awaken to the boundless beauty and wisdom within them so that they may embody their divinity and actualize their highest potential. 



Divine Embodiment was born from a desire to share the medicine that I have received from connecting with myself, my Truth, and the Sacred Feminine within me. When I was a young child I remember having relationships with non physical beings of Light who would play with me and tell me about my destiny on Earth in this life. These beings told me that, like Jesus, I am too a child of God who decided to come to Earth to emanate the Light of Source. I never forgot about these messages from my unseen friends and continued to have mystical experiences that served as breadcrumbs that allowed me to see beyond what most people deem as “real” or “imagined”. As I grew up, this pure Light within me was obscured by codependent patterns that I took on in order to survive emotionally in my dysfunctional family environment. I coped by unconsciously becoming a chameleon. I adapted to the needs and wants of others; I tried to be as perfect, helpful, nice, and small as I could so as to keep myself safe and maintain a feeling of control. At its worst, this codependency manifested as a psychologically, and sexually abusive relationship in my teenage years. When I turned 16 years old, I reached a breaking point. In the midst of the abuse I was accepting in my relationship, my stepfather, whom I was very close to, died suddenly. At this point, I experienced a period of deep depression. This point in my life served as the rock bottom that stripped me naked of all defenses, and left me in a humbled state of receptivity to help outside of myself. It was during this dark period that I became awake to just how much I had abandoned myself and my own needs. Since then, Spirit has shown me, layer by layer, how much my identity was based on who I was in relation to at any given moment. My belief was that I could not have myself and have others too. With the help of the unseen forces lovingly holding me through my process as well as my true friends and family, I have come to truly know, Love, and accept myself. Now, I honor myself by making my own needs and wants priority and by taking loving care of my mind, body, and Spirit. The inspiration for Divine Embodiment was placed in my mind and heart in September of 2020. Since then, I have done my best to be a conduit for this pure feeling, movement, message, brand, and product line of Sacred Feminine juiciness . I know that those who are ready to receive this medicine will be called to it. It is my sincere wish that by applying these oils to their skin, people are able to experience the magic of deeply honoring oneself.

In conclusion, my heart is a vortex of Love, my womb is a portal of Truth and my life is a cosmic dance with The Goddess that moves through me. Divine Embodiment is an expression of this Truth. It is my deepest honor to serve in this way.